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Mood Wellness and Real Happiness for Whole - BE- ing FUNshop


During this workshop participants will be guided to explore FUNdamental principles and guidelines that work to help us enhance our moods, offering a path to healing our anxiety and depression.
Join special guest Jo-Ann D’Alfonso with the assistance of Billie Hillis as she teaches participants how to gain self-awareness and self-knowledge through understanding and experiencing Yoga as a therapeutic tool that can be used to help you find balance in your moods. You will learn mood assessment techniques from a yogic perspective and how to understand the different emotional types of moods. This will help you to look at what is blocking your way in the process of the REAL change you want to make in your life! 

You will leave this workshop better able to:

  1. Fully understand the cycle of awareness for embodied healing
  2. Understand, with confidence, the uplifting practices that will lighten the feelings of depression 
  3. Understand, with confidence, the calming practices that will lessen feelings of anxiety
  4. Learn how a regular practice of Self-Awakening Yoga can help to balance the brain’s hemispheres
  5. Create a unique journey to freedom from moods that block you from wellness and happiness

Jo-Ann and Billie will provide a compassionate and safe space that allows you to establish a sense of ease and trust with the group. We will work together to find awareness, calm and compassion in the experience of anxiety & depression and we will begin allowing in true feelings of connection and wholeness. 
This workshop will show you a path to relief from the suffering of depression and anxiety, a path that will enhance your Whole-BEing. 

8:00 - 9:00 An optional, energizing yoga class suitable for all levels
9:30-12:30 Programming in the Yoga Studio
12:30-2:00 Delicious & healthy vegetarian lunch
2:00- 5:00 Programming in the Yoga Studio

Join us Saturday April 28th for this workshop in the beautiful Main Lodge of Gaia Wellness Retreat where you will be treated to an optional early morning yoga session, a delicious and healthy vegetarian/vegan lunch, and use of the sauna & property until 8pm…

$175 + Tax /Person* -  Registration for the workshop includes optional morning yoga session, vegetarian/vegan lunch & use of GWR property and amenities (including Sauna) until 8pm.

* Make it an overnight experience with Jo-Ann, or a whole weekend all for a special price for participants of this workshop.

For more details on location, prices and registrations please visit:  GAIA Wellness Retreat