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A New Year with Clear Vision and Aim

Join me at The Mill Road Community Space on January 28, 2018.  This workshop is an exploration of all possibilities to create a new year aligned with your true inspirations. Eliminating the obstacles we are left with an open and creative mind. "Let's play!"

In this workshop you will experience: 
• A well supported opportunity to create a clear vision for the future by cultivating a positive perspective, holding trust, embracing a proactive approach and digging deep in commitment to yourSELF.

• A fully supported opportunity to revisit your belief systems, to expand those beliefs that align with your vision and remove the ones that no longer support you.

 Setting an intention gives us desire to move forward. In that practice we come to realize it is not about getting it ‘right’ rather it is about living right. Achieving what we most desire in life is exhilarating, exciting, and empowering. A clear vision of where you are heading is key in the process. Your vision is the big picture and like a star in the sky it is always within your view.

My approach is rooted in deep respect for the intelligence of the body-mind-connection and the human capacity for inner guidance. When we take some time to contemplate and let universal guidance set in the all is possible. Allow our minds to be free to aim and create 

Fee: $45.0 tax incl. Limited space is available. Please pre-register and pre-pay. Please send an e-transfer. No refund but transferable.

Sunday January 28  - 1:00pm-4:00pm
The Mill Community Space - 8 Ch. Mill. Chelsea, Que.