As Co-Founder, Co-Director and Dean of Yoga Education of Nosara Yoga Institute, I have known Jai Jo-Ann D’Alfonso for nine years. Jai Jo-Ann has completed her 1000-hour Nosara Yoga Professional Educator/Therapist Certification through Nosara Yoga Institute. This training includes: Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training, Pranassage Practitioner Training, Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator and related coursework through Kripalu School of Yoga. Jai Jo-Ann has continued her training as a professional yoga therapist in many settings. She has designed and presented workshops that both educate and provide individuals and groups with the opportunity to achieve deeper levels of balance and fulfillment in their lives.

Jai Jo-Ann makes a confident, warm and trustworthy connection both with the group she is teaching and with individuals within the group. She has the ability to language experiences with technical skill. She has the capacity to make hands-on assists without making clients and students feel that they are being corrected. Jai Jo-Ann has completed her teaching certification along with credentials from having taught in many yoga studios and workshop settings.

With regard to Nosara Yoga specifically, Jai Jo-Ann, is capable of adjusting the technical level of instruction to gentle, moderate and vigorous practitioners. She is capable of generating context, safety and an invitation to use the yoga experience as an opportunity to develop witness consciousness. Most importantly, she provides a mirror for the participants to look to the voice of their own inner wisdom through yoga.

Jai Jo-Ann is reliable and capable of responding with skillfulness to the full spectrum of unpredictable experiences that arise in a yoga experience and classroom environment. She is always reliable to fulfill the roles she takes on. She carefully prepares to teach by reviewing all of the curriculum materials provided and is able to align with the intention specified for each of the classes she teaches.

I recommend Jai Jo-Ann as an excellent yoga teacher and therapist for the full spectrum of professional yoga services.
— Don Stapleton, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Co-Director of Nosara Yoga Institute Nosara, Costa Rica
Jo-Ann has offered me an attentive ear at a difficult time in my life. She has offered me new perspectives and reacquainted me with old ones and along the way planted some little gems of wisdom. I remind myself of them regularly if not daily.
— M.R. 2019
I have benefited greatly from the yoga therapy Jo-Ann provides. Her vast knowledge of how the body and mind work in tandem (or not always) means she can treat patients with a huge variety of issues. In my case, she treats chronic pain and limited range of motion due to an injury. The hands on manipulations and massages she performs are amazing! The exercises I do at home help my body achieve balance while allowing uninjured muscles to strengthen and compensate when appropriate. She is a great listener and understands underlying psychological issues very quickly. I have picked up great life tips which helped me in the care of a parent suffering from advanced dementia.
— Lynda Buske 2019
Mai 2015, le diagnostic tombe. J’apprend que je suis atteinte d’une tumeur au cerveau et que je vais devoir subir une chirurgie pour enlever cette tumeur. Je reste quand même positive face au diagnostic, je me disais que c’est seulement une petite opération et j’allais retourner à ma routine en un rien de temps. Les docteurs ont aussi mentionné que la guérison allait quand même être rapide et que je pourrais retourner au travail rapidement. Cette opération est venu avec son lot de symptômes quotidiens, dont j’essaie encore de gérer présentement: des vertiges, étourdissements, problèmes d’équilibre, nausées, sensibilité aux sons, lumières, etc. Je me sens parfois déprimée, très anxieuse, et je ne cacherais pas que ca m’arrive parfois d’avoir des idées noires, bref vouloir en finir avec tout ca. Mais la vie a mit un petit ange sur mon chemin...

J’ai rencontré Jo-Ann il y a environ 1.5 an dans un moment très sombre de ma vie. Je l’ai rencontré par pur hasard à travers une amie que nous avons en commun. Nos chemins se sont croisés et j’en remercie la vie maintenant. J’avais besoin d’aide et elle a été ma bouée de sauvetage. Elle m’a aidée à voir le potentiel que j’avais en moi et à voir le côté positif dans les moments négatifs. J’ai encore des hauts et des bas mais grâce à elle, j’ai maintenant des bons outils pour voir le soleil dans mes moments sombres. Je travaille avec Jo-Ann régulièrement et on applique des activities physique, cognitives et travail beaucoup avec les emotions pour garder un sens de stabilité dans mon quotidien. Je recommanderais a n’importe qui les services de Jo-Ann pour tous nouveaux cheminements, soit physique, émotifs, spirituels
— Melissa Khalife 2018
I had to drop you a note to say thank you again for the pranassage yesterday. I went home feeling more grounded and centered than I have in months. I knew things were out of balance, but I hadn’t realized just how far I had gotten. Getting back to a good state of being has me recommitting being more regular with my personal meditation and yoga practice in order to maintain and planning for my next pranassage to continue the journey!
— Christine P. Ottawa, ON
After years of darkness, Jo-Ann helped me into the light. Holding my hand, sometimes firmly, sometimes gently, but always holding on, not giving up. Even though it took me quite some time to make to commitment to move forward. Jo-Ann, your help is much appreciated!
— C. Z. Ottawa, ON
I had my first pranassage session with Jo-Ann and didn’t really know what to expect.
Before the session started I was provided with an explanation and an opportunity to ask questions and was put at ease. It was amazing, I felt so relaxed and it felt as if the world didn’t exist outside the room. I didn’t have to think about a thing as all the thinking was done for me; all I had to do was following an instruction or be put into a position. It involved manipulation, massage and going into certain postures. At the end of the session I felt like I was floating. I absolutely recommend pranassage with Jo-Ann as a de-stressing and relaxation tool or simply for a bit of ‘me’ time.
— Suzi Lane, Ottawa, ON
A couple of years ago, I was having a difficult time in my life. I was anxious and in a lot of pain. I met Jo-Ann as the result of a recommendation from my massage therapist and it turned out to be one of the loveliest “co-incidences.” I learned to breathe and to love Yoga. My anxiety and pain are minimal now. Jo-Ann’s Yoga classes were inclusive of everyone and she really knows how to help each person individually. You can tell that she lives what she believes and it comes through in her teaching and her insightfulness as a Yoga therapist. Her cheerful and compassionate natures make every interaction a pleasure.
— A.H. 2009 NS