Bio - Jo-Ann D'Alfonso

Jo-Ann’s sensitive approach is rooted in deep respect for the intelligence of the body-mind connection and the human capacity for inner guidance. Jo-Ann brings to all of her work an energetic and uplifting style, personal conviction, passion, and easy way of communicating with students and clients. She has helped to organize international yoga conferences while serving as Director of the annual Atlantic Yoga Conference and Co-Director of the Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training School (AYTT) in Nova Scotia. She also operated a retreat centre, yoga studio, and yoga therapy clinic on Nova Scotia’s south shore before moving to Ottawa in 2011. She continues her practice now in the Ottawa Region. She offers her services in French and English. She has studied and has been inspired by esteemed teachers, including Don (Brahmanand) Stapleton and Amba, Steven Cope, Jody Myer, Doug Keller, Todd Norian, Jnani Chapman, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Amy Weintraub, Shiva Rae, Bessel Van der Kolk, and many more.  

Fully Integrated Educators: The artistry of a yoga educator draws from the wisdom of one’s own inner being to continually engage students in learning, to inspire them to persist in following their own inner wisdom. Yoga educators grow into the ability to transfer their own personal passion for yoga to the student’s learning. The art of education is to draw out the very best from learners, to encourage them to explore what interests them, and to instill this fascination with their inner being so they continue to do so for the rest of their time on this planet. The fully integrated yoga educator can provide all of these levels of learning. “Don Stapleton, Self-Awakening Yoga”

As an Integrated Yoga Educator/Therapist Jo-Ann D’Alfonso has been a leader in the wellness and lifestyle sectors for over 30 years. Her extensive training in the field of yoga includes and not limited to:

  • C-IAYT | Certified with the International Association for Yoga therapist

  • Certification for Trauma in the body and the brain - Bessel Van der Kolk

  • CIPP certified in Positive Psychology with the WholeBeing Institute

  • Nosara Yoga Educator/Therapist Training for Master Certification

  • Integrative health therapy with Heaven Institute

  • LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Training for Depression and Anxiety

  • Self-Awakening Yoga (mind body energetic practice)

  • Pranassage (energetic bodywork)

  • Postural analysis and structural alignment

  • Pranayama (advanced) breathing practices

  • Yoga Lifestyle Coaching based on the 8 limbs of yoga from Patanjali


Jo-Ann is certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Nosara Yoga Institute Educator with more than 20 years of yoga practice. She is also a Certified Yoga Therapist registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). She is also registered with the AQTN ( Association Québécoise des Thérapistes Naturels) and can provide receipts for most insurance companies. 

The hummingbird symbolizes joy and playfulness as well as adaptability. Lila Hum can be interpreted as “ I am playful and expanding happiness”.  Wisdom tells us that all creation arises from Lila, or cosmic play.  Expressing our playful nature is a valuable way to stay creative, receptive, and revitalized in transformation. The name Jai Lila Hum was given and chosen by me as an agent for transformation.  When we have fun, we are dancing and singing along with the story of our life.  Playfulness makes us fell better and spiritually rejuvenated. “Jai” is defined in sanskrit as victorious, joy. Jai Lila Hum, my sanskrit name, is a representation of my approach as Yoga Educator/Therapist. My intention is to be of service to anyone who is on the path of bringing transformation to their life experience and expanding joyfully victorious in the process.  
— Jai Lila Hum - Jo-Ann D'Alfonso