Self-Awakening Yoga  

Fall forward into the bliss of your practice

Join us at our new location ,  JUMAplus centre . A new fresh, bright and clean space conducive to the practice of self-care. Lot’s of parking, windows and air conditioning, if needed, to accommodate the weather, and easy access to the second floor studio.

Join us at our new location, JUMAplus centre. A new fresh, bright and clean space conducive to the practice of self-care. Lot’s of parking, windows and air conditioning, if needed, to accommodate the weather, and easy access to the second floor studio.

Yoga is not meant to fit in our schedule for relaxation, stretching or feeling good. We are meant to fit our schedule around our yoga, our practice of being aware of who we are and well-being all around. Yoga is so much more than postures. It’s the expression of Self with a capital S.

Starting Septembre 6, 2019 - 12 week session $ 168.00 9:30 - 10:45 am

This is a program for you if:

  1. You are seeking much more from your practice than just the regular stretching and toning. You are getting to know and understand “YOU” and how things work best for you.

  2. Your curiosity is to dive deeper into the teachings of yoga and how you can use your practice for mental, emotional and physical wellness, and sense of Being rather than just doing.

  3. You want to learn how to live a fuller and enjoyable life, and less stressed day. Doing is the culprit of suffering, and when we learn how to Ride The Waves (Kripalu methodology) of our “kleshas or obstacles, of everyday chaos then we plan our daily schedule around our practice. This is when we move into a new realm of Being in the present moment and better recognize what is really important to us.

“My husband and I have been taking yoga classes with Jo-Ann D’Alfonso for over four years.  We started out taking private lessons with Jo-Ann for at least one year before we felt ready to join a group class. We have been part of her group class now for three years. We feel much more flexible and we live without pain.  Jo-Ann doesn’t just show us the yoga positions, she gives us the theory behind everything and makes everyone feel very much at ease. We usually all go for coffee after classes and we support each other and talk about our week. We really feel that we are part of this community that is our yoga class. It certainly has been a positive change in our lives. We are very loyal to our yoga practice now”. Diane Touchette, Bryan Foye
Reserve your Spot!

Send me a quick email to confirm your attendance. Please bring payment at your first class or send me an e-transfer. The preferred method of payment is cash. This avoids extra costs.

New Location!  JUMAplus, 87 chemin Old Chelsea, suite 201

Starting Septembre 6, 2019 - 12 week session $ 168.00 9:30 - 10:45 am

Drop-In $17.00 (this is offered for guest only when visiting or trying it out. The program is meant to progress together as a group so signing up supports your commitment to a yoga practice)

Additional Bonus : bring a family/friend new to the class and if they sign up get an extra 10% discount for you or you to share.

What if I miss classes?

This is normal and inevitable. Drop-ins aren't possible, but I really want to make these sessions accessible to busy people that may have to miss classes!  So I have a few solutions:

You can bring a friend/neighbor to join us and use up the class(es) that you will miss. For example, if you knew that you would definitely miss the last class of the session, then you can bring a friend/neighbor/relative with you to any of the classes. They could attend alongside you during one of the first classes, or they could attend the class when you're actually away. It depends on your friend's availability. And you can decide whether to gift that missed class to your friend, or whether to have your friend reimburse you for the class that they are taking. That way, your missed class gets enjoyed by someone.  Should there be another class offered in Chelsea, then at that time you will also be able to attend an alternate class in substitution.

The main intention for this program is to create a community program where we come together every week and learn and support each other on this personal growth experience. We get to know each other; we share fun time together; we are there should someone need any kind of support. In my experience drop-in classes do not offer this essense of union.

In addition it supports the teacher and the cost of the rent of space and service offered. The cost of the rental is paid consistently without having weeks that the correct number is not there to cover the cost. Also it is a respectful way to ensure that the teacher is paid adequately for her training and education in support of offering quality programs. A minimum number of 7 participants is necessary to make it feasible to offer such program taking in consideration time allotment, rental, marketing and preparation for classes.

What I wish to do is offer the best programming possible keeping the classes at a reasonable cost and small enough so I can be present for all individuals particular needs and at the same time cover all expenses.

Should there be any financial support needed please contact me directly to make arrangements. Ottawa Yoga Therapies will not refuse anyone for monetary purpose and will find a way to support everyone. Ottawa Yoga therapies does not discriminate and the doors are open to everyone. Classes can be offered in both official languages.

Check out the workshop/event page for coming events.

Other Locations to find me for yoga classes:

  • Kalyana Yoga Shala : located at 375 St. Laurent Boulevard in Ottawa - Different rates to choose from please visit their site Kalyana

Wednesdays - Mercredis