It’s not too late to make a positive change

January is the perfect time to refresh, recharge and create new habits that will help serve you for life.

I chose to drop-in a little later in the month when we have all settled in back into the present moment. We now have time to contemplate, re-evaluate and re-engage. What are the intentions that you have set for yourself for 2019? Every year we aim for new directions and new plans or re-embark on the ones that we have forgotten about.  And that can be a good thing. It can create a very positive energy that lifts our spirit and bring forth our creativity.

Have you noticed though that just about at the end of January we may have forgotten those new ideas and have fallen back into the old patterns. Research shows that it’s actually the pursuit of goals —the journey itself—that makes us happier and when we are well supported in our plans, when we have a community or tribe,  we achieve greater success! What do those intentions look like? Whatever is this new ambition and as you begin your journey, challenge yourself to learn and grow as you move toward your goals, and perhaps to help others do the same.

I'm surprised at how quickly time flies as we start a new year. When we hit Full Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse January 20, I reviewed and recommitted to my goals. Pursuing them does make me happier! I love devoting my time, energy, and focus to making my life better, and finding ways to lift up those around me.

Today is the starting point for a different future, if that’s what you want. Your power to determine and create action for your future begins now! The power of decision can manifest all your wishes. It does require clear intentions, patience and commitment to what we truly believe we want, not what we think we should.

  • I either commit to my current job for the next 12 months, or I initiate the way to get out.

  • I commit within integrity to my most important life/work relationships, or I Iet go of the attachment and move on.

  • I am worthy of embracing all of who I am, or I embark on changing what does not work for me anymore.

To move forward we want to Release-the-old and Invite the New.

  • Learn how to establish a mindful routine   

  • Make meditation a habit

  • Make self-compassion a priority in 2019

  • Experience greater spaciousness and freedom from anxiety and Depression

  • Calm your mind and build resilience

  • Defuse a stress spiral in minutes

  • Interact with the world with less angst and more kindness

  • Improve your relationships, starting with the one with yourself

  • Create a clearer and intentional vision to success

  • And More!

If you would like to take advantage of a 15% discount on a one-on-one session with me and get this process started just contact me and we can make an appointment.