Fall Back into your Yoga practice

Hello everyone
Hope you had a fantastic summer. It has been really hot but many enjoyed it and now for the ones that prefer a bit less, we now can enjoy the fall. Let's enjoy all weather as a new surprise everyday day.  

Lots happening at this time and in the near future. 

I have been on intensive training and really excited about all the new learning in regards to mental wellness. So much to explore and so many tools to offer. I took a course with a leader psychiatrist, teacher founder of the Trauma Centre in Brookline, Mass.   Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on the subject of PTSD, Trauma, anxiety/depression and all their facets,. The book "The Body Keeps Score" can be a great read to help navigate new information on how our body keep experience of all and only when working with the body in addition to any other modalities can we finally open up to new healing powers.  This work is about working with PAIN; physical, mental or emotional. 


More to follow this fall with an information session. In interim should you need  to explore I am here to support you. 

Also, I'm  in the midst of another training with Stephen Cope, YOUR TRUE CALLING, Essential Teachings of Yoga to Find Your Path in the World. 
Brilliant scholar with such beautiful teachings on how to make life easier!!! Who doesn't want that? I am working on putting together a one year course on these teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's prescription for a healthy mental life. The purpose of the classes is to make these teachings accessible and easy to understand to be able to use in our daily life.  To uses these practices and play  will definitely add to our quality of life. 
I will be forwarding a short questionnaire seeking input on this course. Again more to follow. 

New 8 week session yoga classes starting this coming Tuesday, 6:30pm at the Mill Road Community centre. Visit the web for all the details. 

MEDITATION workshop will be offered this fall,  starting in October. The intention for this serie is to learn the different practices of  meditations that suits you best and finding ways to make it accessible for you. This is especially good for the ones that say they cannot stop their mind, sit long enough to do this or any other preconceived ideas we have about meditation. 

Any of you interested in a weekend retreat this fall or winter?
I love to offer these retreat when we actually walk away from our schedule, stop long enough to really enjoy the moment. Great food, yoga, teachings, learning, dancing, playing, walking, snowshoeing all is possible. Let me know your heart desire. I can also organize private groups should you like to get together with your tribe. 

For more details on any of this information or to pre-register to programs please contact me directly and you will be first informed on dates and new events coming.

Yours in good health, 
Jai Jo-Ann