How to raise your personal vibration

Ensuring that we perform at the highest vibrations in our personal life, as well as in our work life, is our life purpose. Performing at our highest vibration is what makes life run smoother, less effort and more joyful. 
Many have been conditioned to believe that if we work harder we will achieve more, and more will bring happiness. Studies have shown this to be a myth. Positive Psychology for Wholebeing has shown how taking priority in who we really are and what we really, really, really want to do will elevate our life energy and vibrate at a higher octave. 
 Making time for what we absolutely love and do at least a bit twice a week, if not every day, is a first important step. When you take care of yourself and what you love the rest falls into place. 

What resources you?  Lifting your personal vibration will attract to you the people you want to hang out with, the clients you are looking for, the life you really really want to live. 

Tools to raising your energy and how to keep that my vibration high:
Getting enough sleep (6-8 hrs per night)
The food we eat (food that is alive and organic as much as possible - avoid any processed foods);
Drinking enough water - keeping hydrated keeps healthy body, balances hormones, help with digestion;
The people we hang out with - Keeping good relationships and not keeping people that are toxic around us; stay connected with like-minded people;
Doing what we really love - Find the hobby, the exercise program, the cultures stimulus that we really love doing and do it a few times a week. 

When we are In our zone of where we are most authentic  we attract people that resonate with us are or what we do; Vibration is higher,  creativity is vibrant ,  energy is  soaring.  Become an expert at knowing exactly what lifts your own vibration.

What helps us sustain these practices are rituals. Here are three steps to give meaning: 

3 things to do to move forward  

  1. Gratitude - every day is a must to help us realize a ll that we already have;
  2. Inspiration - what inspires me to create from my authentic self;
  3. Contribution - how do I give back and pay forward to ensure that energy flows.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to embark on bringing  changes in patterns that serve us better. Join us at the "Spring Cleanse Retreat for Wholebeing" and make it a beautiful opportunity to implement many of these concepts and be a starter for embracing doing what you really really love!