Spring is a time of new beginnings and new growth

Spring is a perfect time to cleanse to prepare for the blossoms of renewal. The concept of cleansing comes from the wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. When we talk about cleansing we too often associate with the diet only. What about the rest of all of who we are. In the studies of Yoga we learn about the 5 Koshas (sheaths) of who we really are; Physical body, Energy body, Intellect body, Power of Discernment body and the Bliss body. When we intent to find balance and radiant health within ourselves we touch in all of these bodies. We are multidimensional creature and for  purpose of discussion we look at these as Body, Mind, Spirit.

Radiant Health
Yoga introduces you to yourself and teaches us to live fully at every level of our being on and off the mat. Yoga is meant to experienced in our daily lives. Yoga is a holistic system that develops and integrates every part of our Wholebeing.

Body -  Hatha Postures; physical health as well as space, environment and food,
Prana - Breathing practices that vitalizes your Life Force energy,
Mind - Meditation to quiet and clear the mind of our thinking patterns; how do we            learn to declutter the mind, relax our thinking processes,
Spirit - Self-study of what is keeping me from feeling radiant, full of life, energy, joy.  Can I clear those barriers  so that I recognize balance is in within me all the time and, recognize selfless love that open up an inner world of all that is vibrant. 
Bliss body - Service to others (seva) and Bhakti yoga (devotion to greater than me)

 By getting to know your five bodies and the inner Self , you can experience the health and fulfillment of an enlightened life.

Taking precious time to intentionally find ways to discover these concepts is one first step in self-study.   Opportunities like joining joining a group for a retreat such as “Spring Revitalize And Cleanse For Wholebeing Weekend Retreat” offered the weekend of May 13-15, these may be ways to support you in your intention for cleansing your WholeBeing. 
Happy Blossoming!!