How a broken ankle reinforces certain things...

One early morning in November I had just finished my yoga practice and decided to go for a walk. The day before, I had participated in a meeting that had me somewhat frazzled and I needed to clear my mind. I had convinced myself again that if I did more things it would work for the better and that I needed to strive more to achieve my goals which is totally against my teachings and practice. The scriptures teach us to move with flow and trust. I was pushing, at home, at work, at studying, at family and in all this taking much time for what I needed which is time. I guess universe had other plans. So I left for my walk and did not go further than my front steps.

In the immediate moments after I felt my yoga mind kicked right in. Flat on my tummy, I stopped, and started breathing to regulate my nervous system, calm myself down and move into para-sympathetic mode, where everything is safe. After a few breaths I took the time to look at my ankle and noticed that it wasn't going in the right direction. The pain had not kicked in just yet but I knew this would not last long. I still kept calm and got myself in the car to go to the hospital. At no time was I in shock mode and stayed in that state until the x-rays were done and I could get medication. The nurses noticed how under trance I was and stayed focused. One of them commented: ''oh you practice yoga breathing''. Thank god for yoga breathing!

Once back home, I immediately started moving in my healing process. Never was I worried or mad or fearful. At first, I practiced a lot of meditation and different breathing techniques which were soon followed with my yoga practice doing movement that soothed me and relaxed my body. During the weeks that followed, I was alone pretty much all day; lots of time to take in all that was happening. It became a retreat for my spirit. I was told that the healing was going to be a long process. Absolutely no walking for 6 weeks and then slowly start walking with my air-cast for about another 4 weeks followed with physiotherapy work and walking again. I decided to take this as if I wasn’t sure I was going to walk again. How would I have to accommodate if this happened, what would I have to do to keep going, working, teaching and playing. I was truly in the day to day experience with lots of breathing, meditation, movement, massaging, keeping my leg alive and vibrant. 

I must admit that a few times tears came up but for only minutes. I never allowed myself to go into drama, not to say I was not into my emotions. One morning, tears came up because I felt so sad that my body was injured. I always believe in the joy of my body and grateful for all I can do and now it was hurt. To me it felt like a child was hurt. I released the tears and let that go. 

Back at snowshoeing with my buddy Wilson.

Back at snowshoeing with my buddy Wilson.

After 6 weeks, I went to see the orthopedic surgeon. He was amazed at my healing and said that I was totally healed and that I could start walking again.  He questioned how I could have recovered so fast and well. I told him that I knew how: I kept my Prana Life Force energy moving through my limb and my trust in the power of my mind and belief in the universe supporting me in this challenge. 

During this time so much has come up for me in regards to my definition of success, my work and, the joy of my Yoga Therapy practice. As a Yoga Therapist (YT), it is a privilege and honor to serve others and my practice as a YT supports me in my personal growth. Like so many, I have to practice not to rush so much into the future that I forget the present moment. It will be my practice for life and I am grateful for it as it reminds me continuously how privileged I am to be right here, now.

I profondly believe that this experience, bringing me on the other side of pain, injury and mental distress, will help me in my interventions as a yoga therapist. I have integrated from experience what I already had learn through all the training I have done: yoga is an essential and powerful healing tool for body and mind.

Lila Hum Jo-Ann