It’s not too late to make a positive change

January is the perfect time to refresh, recharge and create new habits that will help serve you for life.

I chose to drop-in a little later in the month when we have all settled in back into the present moment. We now have time to contemplate, re-evaluate and re-engage. What are the intentions that you have set for yourself for 2019? Every year we aim for new directions and new plans or re-embark on the ones that we have forgotten about.  And that can be a good thing. It can create a very positive energy that lifts our spirit and bring forth our creativity.

Have you noticed though that just about at the end of January we may have forgotten those new ideas and have fallen back into the old patterns. Research shows that it’s actually the pursuit of goals —the journey itself—that makes us happier and when we are well supported in our plans, when we have a community or tribe,  we achieve greater success! What do those intentions look like? Whatever is this new ambition and as you begin your journey, challenge yourself to learn and grow as you move toward your goals, and perhaps to help others do the same.

I'm surprised at how quickly time flies as we start a new year. When we hit Full Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse January 20, I reviewed and recommitted to my goals. Pursuing them does make me happier! I love devoting my time, energy, and focus to making my life better, and finding ways to lift up those around me.

Today is the starting point for a different future, if that’s what you want. Your power to determine and create action for your future begins now! The power of decision can manifest all your wishes. It does require clear intentions, patience and commitment to what we truly believe we want, not what we think we should.

  • I either commit to my current job for the next 12 months, or I initiate the way to get out.

  • I commit within integrity to my most important life/work relationships, or I Iet go of the attachment and move on.

  • I am worthy of embracing all of who I am, or I embark on changing what does not work for me anymore.

To move forward we want to Release-the-old and Invite the New.

  • Learn how to establish a mindful routine   

  • Make meditation a habit

  • Make self-compassion a priority in 2019

  • Experience greater spaciousness and freedom from anxiety and Depression

  • Calm your mind and build resilience

  • Defuse a stress spiral in minutes

  • Interact with the world with less angst and more kindness

  • Improve your relationships, starting with the one with yourself

  • Create a clearer and intentional vision to success

  • And More!

If you would like to take advantage of a 15% discount on a one-on-one session with me and get this process started just contact me and we can make an appointment.

Fall Back into your Yoga practice

Hello everyone
Hope you had a fantastic summer. It has been really hot but many enjoyed it and now for the ones that prefer a bit less, we now can enjoy the fall. Let's enjoy all weather as a new surprise everyday day.  

Lots happening at this time and in the near future. 

I have been on intensive training and really excited about all the new learning in regards to mental wellness. So much to explore and so many tools to offer. I took a course with a leader psychiatrist, teacher founder of the Trauma Centre in Brookline, Mass.   Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on the subject of PTSD, Trauma, anxiety/depression and all their facets,. The book "The Body Keeps Score" can be a great read to help navigate new information on how our body keep experience of all and only when working with the body in addition to any other modalities can we finally open up to new healing powers.  This work is about working with PAIN; physical, mental or emotional. 


More to follow this fall with an information session. In interim should you need  to explore I am here to support you. 

Also, I'm  in the midst of another training with Stephen Cope, YOUR TRUE CALLING, Essential Teachings of Yoga to Find Your Path in the World. 
Brilliant scholar with such beautiful teachings on how to make life easier!!! Who doesn't want that? I am working on putting together a one year course on these teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's prescription for a healthy mental life. The purpose of the classes is to make these teachings accessible and easy to understand to be able to use in our daily life.  To uses these practices and play  will definitely add to our quality of life. 
I will be forwarding a short questionnaire seeking input on this course. Again more to follow. 

New 8 week session yoga classes starting this coming Tuesday, 6:30pm at the Mill Road Community centre. Visit the web for all the details. 

MEDITATION workshop will be offered this fall,  starting in October. The intention for this serie is to learn the different practices of  meditations that suits you best and finding ways to make it accessible for you. This is especially good for the ones that say they cannot stop their mind, sit long enough to do this or any other preconceived ideas we have about meditation. 

Any of you interested in a weekend retreat this fall or winter?
I love to offer these retreat when we actually walk away from our schedule, stop long enough to really enjoy the moment. Great food, yoga, teachings, learning, dancing, playing, walking, snowshoeing all is possible. Let me know your heart desire. I can also organize private groups should you like to get together with your tribe. 

For more details on any of this information or to pre-register to programs please contact me directly and you will be first informed on dates and new events coming.

Yours in good health, 
Jai Jo-Ann

The difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy - an interview with CKCU

A nice interview with Suzette Schmiedel from CKCU talking about the difference between Yoga and Yoga therapy. Please feel free to comment or if any clarification needed please contact me directly and I will be happy to respond. 

Anyone that would like to explore the possibly of working with me with Yoga Therapy you can receive a free 20 min. complimentary session on site or phone conversation.  

Move the cursor to approximately 7 min. in the recording,  after the news.

The practice of Contemplation

At times there is confusion about concentration and contemplation. In Sanskrit yoga writings, concentration is termed dharana, and contemplation dhyana. Concentration is a train of though about something. Contemplation follows the practice of concentration. First of all you focus on a particular picture, as example of the water, and you notice the beautiful blend of colors, the waves in the water, the depth of the area; This is concentration. Then moving to the next stage of contemplation you go much deeper not only in the body of the water but into the creation and source. You move into the appreciation of the heart of the creator, the magic of the creation using the picture as your focal point. Contemplation is that state of consciousness that moves you beyond thinking. It is more a spiritual intuition.  Contemplation allows us the time to fully appreciate that moment when all comes together. When the proper time is allowed for contemplation we can travel much deeper than the superficial level of daily activities and reconnect with our deepest self and remind ourselves of what is really important to "see" in each moment.

Taking time for me to write these words require concentration; stepping back and contemplating on the message I would like to share requires me to release the words of the message and allow my gut feeling (intuition), the depth of meaning and the joy of sharing. 


Tagish, Whitehorse Yukon, June 2016

Tagish, Whitehorse Yukon, June 2016

How to raise your personal vibration

Ensuring that we perform at the highest vibrations in our personal life, as well as in our work life, is our life purpose. Performing at our highest vibration is what makes life run smoother, less effort and more joyful. 
Many have been conditioned to believe that if we work harder we will achieve more, and more will bring happiness. Studies have shown this to be a myth. Positive Psychology for Wholebeing has shown how taking priority in who we really are and what we really, really, really want to do will elevate our life energy and vibrate at a higher octave. 
 Making time for what we absolutely love and do at least a bit twice a week, if not every day, is a first important step. When you take care of yourself and what you love the rest falls into place. 

What resources you?  Lifting your personal vibration will attract to you the people you want to hang out with, the clients you are looking for, the life you really really want to live. 

Tools to raising your energy and how to keep that my vibration high:
Getting enough sleep (6-8 hrs per night)
The food we eat (food that is alive and organic as much as possible - avoid any processed foods);
Drinking enough water - keeping hydrated keeps healthy body, balances hormones, help with digestion;
The people we hang out with - Keeping good relationships and not keeping people that are toxic around us; stay connected with like-minded people;
Doing what we really love - Find the hobby, the exercise program, the cultures stimulus that we really love doing and do it a few times a week. 

When we are In our zone of where we are most authentic  we attract people that resonate with us are or what we do; Vibration is higher,  creativity is vibrant ,  energy is  soaring.  Become an expert at knowing exactly what lifts your own vibration.

What helps us sustain these practices are rituals. Here are three steps to give meaning: 

3 things to do to move forward  

  1. Gratitude - every day is a must to help us realize a ll that we already have;
  2. Inspiration - what inspires me to create from my authentic self;
  3. Contribution - how do I give back and pay forward to ensure that energy flows.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to embark on bringing  changes in patterns that serve us better. Join us at the "Spring Cleanse Retreat for Wholebeing" and make it a beautiful opportunity to implement many of these concepts and be a starter for embracing doing what you really really love!

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new growth

Spring is a perfect time to cleanse to prepare for the blossoms of renewal. The concept of cleansing comes from the wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. When we talk about cleansing we too often associate with the diet only. What about the rest of all of who we are. In the studies of Yoga we learn about the 5 Koshas (sheaths) of who we really are; Physical body, Energy body, Intellect body, Power of Discernment body and the Bliss body. When we intent to find balance and radiant health within ourselves we touch in all of these bodies. We are multidimensional creature and for  purpose of discussion we look at these as Body, Mind, Spirit.

Radiant Health
Yoga introduces you to yourself and teaches us to live fully at every level of our being on and off the mat. Yoga is meant to experienced in our daily lives. Yoga is a holistic system that develops and integrates every part of our Wholebeing.

Body -  Hatha Postures; physical health as well as space, environment and food,
Prana - Breathing practices that vitalizes your Life Force energy,
Mind - Meditation to quiet and clear the mind of our thinking patterns; how do we            learn to declutter the mind, relax our thinking processes,
Spirit - Self-study of what is keeping me from feeling radiant, full of life, energy, joy.  Can I clear those barriers  so that I recognize balance is in within me all the time and, recognize selfless love that open up an inner world of all that is vibrant. 
Bliss body - Service to others (seva) and Bhakti yoga (devotion to greater than me)

 By getting to know your five bodies and the inner Self , you can experience the health and fulfillment of an enlightened life.

Taking precious time to intentionally find ways to discover these concepts is one first step in self-study.   Opportunities like joining joining a group for a retreat such as “Spring Revitalize And Cleanse For Wholebeing Weekend Retreat” offered the weekend of May 13-15, these may be ways to support you in your intention for cleansing your WholeBeing. 
Happy Blossoming!!

How a broken ankle reinforces certain things...

One early morning in November I had just finished my yoga practice and decided to go for a walk. The day before, I had participated in a meeting that had me somewhat frazzled and I needed to clear my mind. I had convinced myself again that if I did more things it would work for the better and that I needed to strive more to achieve my goals which is totally against my teachings and practice. The scriptures teach us to move with flow and trust. I was pushing, at home, at work, at studying, at family and in all this taking much time for what I needed which is time. I guess universe had other plans. So I left for my walk and did not go further than my front steps.

In the immediate moments after I felt my yoga mind kicked right in. Flat on my tummy, I stopped, and started breathing to regulate my nervous system, calm myself down and move into para-sympathetic mode, where everything is safe. After a few breaths I took the time to look at my ankle and noticed that it wasn't going in the right direction. The pain had not kicked in just yet but I knew this would not last long. I still kept calm and got myself in the car to go to the hospital. At no time was I in shock mode and stayed in that state until the x-rays were done and I could get medication. The nurses noticed how under trance I was and stayed focused. One of them commented: ''oh you practice yoga breathing''. Thank god for yoga breathing!

Once back home, I immediately started moving in my healing process. Never was I worried or mad or fearful. At first, I practiced a lot of meditation and different breathing techniques which were soon followed with my yoga practice doing movement that soothed me and relaxed my body. During the weeks that followed, I was alone pretty much all day; lots of time to take in all that was happening. It became a retreat for my spirit. I was told that the healing was going to be a long process. Absolutely no walking for 6 weeks and then slowly start walking with my air-cast for about another 4 weeks followed with physiotherapy work and walking again. I decided to take this as if I wasn’t sure I was going to walk again. How would I have to accommodate if this happened, what would I have to do to keep going, working, teaching and playing. I was truly in the day to day experience with lots of breathing, meditation, movement, massaging, keeping my leg alive and vibrant. 

I must admit that a few times tears came up but for only minutes. I never allowed myself to go into drama, not to say I was not into my emotions. One morning, tears came up because I felt so sad that my body was injured. I always believe in the joy of my body and grateful for all I can do and now it was hurt. To me it felt like a child was hurt. I released the tears and let that go. 

Back at snowshoeing with my buddy Wilson.

Back at snowshoeing with my buddy Wilson.

After 6 weeks, I went to see the orthopedic surgeon. He was amazed at my healing and said that I was totally healed and that I could start walking again.  He questioned how I could have recovered so fast and well. I told him that I knew how: I kept my Prana Life Force energy moving through my limb and my trust in the power of my mind and belief in the universe supporting me in this challenge. 

During this time so much has come up for me in regards to my definition of success, my work and, the joy of my Yoga Therapy practice. As a Yoga Therapist (YT), it is a privilege and honor to serve others and my practice as a YT supports me in my personal growth. Like so many, I have to practice not to rush so much into the future that I forget the present moment. It will be my practice for life and I am grateful for it as it reminds me continuously how privileged I am to be right here, now.

I profondly believe that this experience, bringing me on the other side of pain, injury and mental distress, will help me in my interventions as a yoga therapist. I have integrated from experience what I already had learn through all the training I have done: yoga is an essential and powerful healing tool for body and mind.

Lila Hum Jo-Ann